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Today’s episode (March 15, 2010) discusses whether technology supports a capitalist agenda or a socialist one… and if it can support both depending on how it is used and implemented.

Can technology serve an agenda of individual responsibility and empowerment – and at the same time be positioned to support a socialist concept of the state providing resources to the people?  This week, we’ll look at a few areas where technology has successfully improved our lives and discuss whether it is ideology-neutral or has a strong capitalist or socialist pull to it.

We are joined by Ms. Arpita Mukherjee, Founder and Director of Rasa DC, a theater group based in Washington, DC, who will discuss how technology has positively impacted in the theater world.  She discusses how technology has decreased the cost of putting on a stage production and increased the ability of theater companies to reach a young, diverse audience (the desired demographic in the theater business), which has led to expanded access to theater for both patrons and thespians.

As a playwright and producer, Arpita draws from her interest in all modes of expression and in the diversity of contemporary voices to write, direct, and produce plays around the nation’s capital. Her current project is “Love Times Seven”, an English language Hollywood-inspired musical about a love story that spans seven decades.

Also, Mr. Dan Jones will join the show to discuss how the public policy debate in the U.S. has a great bearing on the design and implementation of large-scale technology projects.  He draws on his years of experience working around the U.S. in the design, planning, and administration of public transportation facilities. He has held high-level positions in both the public and private sector and brings a wealth of knowledge on how large public works projects are financed, debated, and managed. Mr. Jones is currently working to ensure the stimulus legislation allocates funds for public transit systems.


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