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Are We Securing Education?

Monday’s show took us to Atlanta, Georgia, for the EDUCAUSE Security Professional’s conference, and I’m still in town as I write this for another day of conference sessions, exhibits, and southern hospitality. Right now, I’m waiting for the evening Birds-of-a-Feather session to start and taking the time to think about my own personal takeaways from this week’s show. Here are my thoughts:

1. Teach cyber ethics along with digital literacy early on. We have to let kids know what can (and likely will) happen if they try to hack their grades, cyber bully, or conduct any malicious online behavior. Yes, school networks should be more secure, teachers should use at least two-factor authentication, physical access to grade databases should be monitored – all of that is true – but the biggest take away here is that we do a disservice to our kids if we teach them technical skills without also teaching them the consequences of their actions.

2. We’re at the beginning of a trend to push security into the cloud, or put it another way – the fat pipe is becoming the fat, smart pipe. (I won’t say fat, secure pipe yet, but that is the direction we’re heading.)

In the residential and small business market, ISPs bundle anti-virus, spyware, firewall, identity protection and other security software. Why not the same notion at the corporate level? At the least, ISPs that offer broadband connectivity can block known bad traffic, such as known Trojans, spyware, malware, and traffic to and from known bad IPs, like the known Zeus IPs. The Federal government’s Trusted Internet Connections Initiative is very much along these lines.

The Internet (the cloud) right now is the Wild West. Making the connection to the Internet smart is not the end-all solution, but is a first step – its like dispatching sheriffs to frontier towns in an effort to start bringing some order to the chaos. We can only wonder how long the sheriffs will last until they need to call in the Calvary.


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