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May 10th: Health Care IT & Other Topics

Perhaps the biggest issue in America today is health care. Much has been said about this topic, especially the new reform law. While quite a bit has been debated, little is known about the technological backbone of this industry, which comprises 17% of the U.S. economy and a large part of the global economy. This week, we begin to look into the new technologies that the health care reform law are pushing, including electronic medical records, patient health records and health information exchanges. Joining us to discuss health care IT are anesthesiologist Dr. Ram Peruvemba and Mark Fowlie, CEO of El Fresko Technologies.

This week, we’re also rejoined on the show by Mr. Dan Jones to discuss additional issues surrounding how investment in public transportation can be positioned as much as an investment into the US manufacturing base and continued economic development as it can a social service.

We will hear about a charitable project called “One Laptop per Child” which aims to, as the name implies, provide a laptop to every child in the world and in its efforts has created a revolutionary new computing device that can operate in hot, dusty conditions, with minimal power, and costs less than $250 per unit. This is really an example of technology solving the problems of the world. The purpose, as Mr. Satish Jha who is spearheading the project, is to bridge the educational divide between the haves and the have nots in the world. You will want to hear about this project. Join us.


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