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May 17th – Health IT Check Up

This week’s episode continues the health care IT discussion we started on our last show. Its clear the government intends to make dramatic changes to the practice of medicine in America and much of that change involves a far greater reliance on, or at least usage of technology within all facets of the health care industry.

Providers, including doctors, pharmacies, hospitals and other care facilities, will have to deploy electronic medical records. Those records will have to communicate with state-wide health information exchanges – which are yet to be defined or set up. In time, patients may be able to – or may have to – carry their complete medical records on some kind of electronic device.

Will this be good for your health? Is it good for our economy? We’ll look at the issues.

Joining us in the discussion is Mr. Dave Merritt, VP and National Policy Director of the Center for Health Transformation who has advised both Republicans (including former Speaker Newt Gingrich and former Senator Majority Leader Bill Frist) and Democrats (including former VA Governor Tim Kaine) on health care IT issues. Dave is the editor of Paper Kills: Transforming Health and Healthcare with Information Technology, winner of the 2007 book of the year award by the Health Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS).

Also joining us is Steve Chafits, CEO of e-End, a secure data destruction company, who will discuss what doctors need to know to securely managing electronic health records from creation to their end of life. For doctors, its not simply implementing an EMR, we’re asking them to now manage and ensure the security and privacy of an electronic record – something they have never done before as a community. This will be a challenge for them & we’ll tell them what they need to know.

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