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The Tech Bridge Across Cultures

This week, author Deepika Bajaj joins Technology Today to discuss how technology builds a bridge across the global cultural divide. From business productivity software to fax machines and social media sites like Twitter, technology helps turn diversity into something we have to ‘manage’ into a source of creativity and a real competitive advantage for businesses and organizations of all types. Deepika Bajaj is the author of #DIVERISTYtweet and founder of Invincibelle, a company empowering diverse, multigenerational workforce and women to thrive in a multicultural world.

Also, Steve Chafits, CEO of e-End, will rejoin the show to talk about the changing rules and regulations around the destruction of end-of-life computer equipment and the data they store. Felt most in the health care arena, these changes now allow state’s attorney generals to sue health care providers, hospitals and other covered entities for failure to follow data destruction guidelines – and punishment includes fines and/or imprisonment. Steve will help us avoid such punishment by shedding light on how to properly and securely destroy data, hard drives and electronic devices.

Steve Chafits, our listeners will remember is the CEO of e-End, a firm that specializes in the secure sanitization of electronic media and equipment. Steve is familiar with the HITECH act and has extensive experience with the HIPAA “Final Security Rule” (164.310(d)(2)(i)) including specific requirements for the disposition of electronic patient health information (EPHI) and the hardware/media it is stored on. Steve has spoken on data security to top officials in the Pentagon and other DoD IT security officers. He has also briefed healthcare providers on IT related security.

Join us at 4pm Eastern this Thursday, July 8 on the Voice America business channel ( We’ll also take calls at 866-472-5790 as well as your tweets at /techtodayradio, your posts on Facebook at http://www.facebook/agupta20854 and on our Technology Today fan page.


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