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Where are the Cops on the Information Superhighway?

Cybersecurity issues dominate the press – cases of the theft of personal information, compromised e-mail accounts, successful attacks on financial networks, as well as the on-going assault on government and military networks appear daily.

But as much as we talk about security issues – they don’t seem to go away and only get worse by the day.

This week, we take a closer look why these security vulnerabilities exist and why it’s so challenging to solve these problems. We’ll look at cybersecurity issues in our financial network, the health care network, the “smart” power grid, as well as the overall Internet.

Join us at 4pm Eastern this Thursday, July 15 on the Voice America business channel ( to talk about this important topic.

Jim Heimberg, a veteran of the information security field and a fellow InfraGard member, will join us and share the trials and pitfalls he’s seen while working with organizations of all types to improve their security posture.

We’ll also take your questions and calls at 866-472-5790 and as always, your e-mails at, your tweets at /techtodayradio and your posts on Facebook at and our fan page at


July 13, 2010 - Posted by | Episode Descriptions

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