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Green Tech Saving our Waterways

On last week’s episode, our guest MD Governor Martin O’Malley gave us a lot to think about. Saying that the ability to place great silos of human activity onto a single map greatly increases government’s ability to marshal resources and collaboration between agencies to achieve greater outcome and improve the delivery of services to constituents. The Governor attributes GIS technology as essential to allowing this level of collaboration.

A great example of this effort is the Bay Stat project ( designed to track the health of the Chesapeake Bay, a large body of water serving six states in the mid-Atlantic region. This week, we’re going to take a deeper look into the technology behind improving the health of the Bay.

This is a large scale project that addresses a real-world environmental issue through government policy, individual action and the development of new, green technologies. Join us for this discussion to see technology’s role in protecting the health of the Bay. We’ll take your calls addressing researching and implementing solutions to save and improvement the environmental conditions of large waterways, and the ecosystems the support.

We’ll also discuss how transferable solutions designed specifically for the problems of the Chesapeake Bay may be to other waterways around the country & world.

We’ll take calls on green technologies saving our waterways at 866-472-5790, and e-mails at, as well as tweets at /techtodayradio and wall posts on Facebook as well. Find and like Technology Today on Facebook.

A word on our guest…
Ajay is joined this week by Jim Poulos, VP of Technology Transfer & Commercialization for the Maryland Technology Development Corporation, known as TEDCO, where he oversees Technology Transfer programs, including TEDCO’s signature Maryland Technology Transfer and Commercialization Fund.

A registered patent attorney, Jim, began his career as a patent researcher and has prosecuted at least a thousand applications, over 90% leading to US Patents. He also served as the Executive Director of the Office of Technology Commercialization at the University of Maryland, College Park. In that role, Jim negotiated over 200 license agreements with commercial entities. During his tenure over 30 University spin-off companies were created, including Quantum Photonics, Little Optics and RioRey, Inc. These three companies alone received over $85 million dollars in venture capital funding.

Mr. Poulos has a bachelors in Chemistry from UMCP and a law degree from the University of Baltimore.


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