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Saving the Bay with Technology II

Two week’s ago, we talked about technologies that are in place and under development to improve the environmental health of the Chesapeake Bay, a large waterway bordering Maryland, Virginia & Delaware and serving six states in the Mid-Atlantic region. We had a lot of audience feedback on the episode and many callers were not able to get on air.

So, this week, we pick up that conversation and have invited back Carol Collins of SpiralCat that is doing some interesting work to improve the environmental health in our farm land – but also searching for ways to validate the environmental benefits & provide a revenue source for farmers in the process.

Ted Gattino also joins us to take a deeper look at the technology and economics behind floating islands.

We’ll take your calls, texts and tweets on the R&D involved and the implementation of these green tech solutions to save the Bay. We’ll also discuss how transferable solutions for the Chesapeake Bay may be to other waterways around the country & world.

This is one way technology really is saving the world. You won’t want to miss this episode.

Join us at 4PM Eastern at

A word about our guests….
Ted Gattino is managing partner at BlueWing Environmental Solutions &
Technologies, llc, founded in 2006. BlueWing is the East Coast
distributors of BioHaven Floating Islands and the developers of CCEIS, a
web based environmental inspection tool. Ted has over 20 years in the
environmental construction industry as former founder and President of
Mid-Atlantic Environmental Group, Inc.

Ted Gattino, Managing Partner of BlueWing Environmental

Ted co-chairs the Chesapeake Regional Tech Council’s Green Markets Round Table and is an active member of the Governor’s Workforce Investment Board (GWIB). He is a former police officer and resides in Baltimore.


August 19, 2010 - Posted by | Episode Descriptions

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