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Launching a Health IT Series

This week, we’re starting something new. We are going to dedicate the last episode of every month to Health IT.

This series will talk about…

1. Technology contributing to advancing medical treatment.

2. Technology contributing to speeding/improving drug discovery, clinical trials & and the FDA’s approval process.

3. The universe of electronic medical record (EMR) systems & Health Information Exchange (HIE) platforms designed to improve the delivery and lower the cost of health care in America. We’ll discuss the costs, implementation issues and other technical issues associated with both EMRs & HIEs.

4. Patient Electronic Health Records – not to be left out of this technology revolution, patients will have the opportunity to carry their own health record in electronic format in the near future. We’ll look at how that might work and what the benefits could be?

5. Security and privacy of all of this new digital record keeping and communications. With all this data moving around between players in the health care industry, how are we keeping our personal medical records personal?

This is a lot to talk about – and that’s why we’re launching this series. Each episode will delve into one or a couple of these areas. We hope to learn what technology can bring to the field of medicine and how it can truly help raise the level of care and medical treatment provided while lowering costs.

Our next blog post, “The Health IT Spectrum” discusses the topics we’ll talk about this week on the series kickoff. Join Us.


August 24, 2010 - Posted by | Audience Communication

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