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Our inaugural episode of our Health IT Today series will discuss the benefits of and infrastructure required to support Personalized Medicine.

Dr. Anand Iyer, President & COO of WellDoc, Inc. will join us to discuss a novel way to treat diabetes, one of the worst disease we face today – and for which neither a true cure nor means of prevention exist.

We will also be joined by Bob Stanley, President & CEO of IO Informatics, a firm that has found an innovative way to merge clinical research & Health Information Exchanges to enable personalized medicine. Their approach will allow a doctor to treat two patients with the same condition or ailment differently depending on numerous individual factors supported by clinical research on the molecular and biological level.

Bob will also bring to light one of the key components required to enable personalized medicine and achieve all of its benefits – A robust Health Information Exchange. We’ll look into technical challenges as well as the security and privacy issues involved with building and managine HIEs.

Mr. Bikram Bakshi, President & CEO of QSSI, will discuss these very same security and privacy concerns behind EMRs, HIEs and electronic health records – and more importantly, what can be done to address these issues.

Join us this Thursday at 4pm Eastern / 1pm Pacific to help us launch our Health IT series and discuss these critical issues.

We’ll take your calls at 866-472-5790, tweets at /techtodayradio, e-mails at and your wall posts on our Fan Page on Facebook.

A word about our guests….

Mr. Bikram Bakshi, President & CEO of QSSI

After serving in an advisory capacity to QSSI for a number of years, Mr. Bakshi joined QSSI in 2005 as President & CEO. Mr. Bakshi is an inventor or co-inventor of eleven U.S. patents and author of several IEEE conference publications.

Prior to QSSI, Mr. Bakshi was Vice President and General Manager at BNX Systems (acquired by Citigroup) where he was responsible for sales, marketing, and development of Identity Management Solutions for worldwide markets. Mr. Bakshi also served as the Program Executive for one of the world’s largest biometric technology deployments at a Fortune 10 Bank and played leadership roles in the pursuit of large biometric programs for the public sector. Previously, Mr. Bakshi held management and technical positions in the software organizations at Intel Corporation, Xerox PARC and Northern Telecom.

Mr. Bakshi has an M.B.A. from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, an M.S. in Computer Science from Texas A&M University and a B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering from the Delhi Institute of Technology.

Dr. Anand Iyer serves as President and Chief Operating Officer of WellDoc. He has more than 20 years of consulting, industrial and academic experience in the areas of business strategy development, network engineering, economic modeling, service development and value network analysis. Here is an interview with Dr. Iyer from a recent Medical Automation conference.

He most recently held the position of director in the Communications Industry Group at PRTM Management Consultants. In this role, Dr. Iyer led PRTM’s Wireless Solutions practice where he focused on helping companies in both the commercial and government sectors capitalize on the convergence of three mega trends: Internet ubiquity, emerging wireless technologies and innovative business models. He is a pioneer in the realm of Telematics and Telemedicine, where he has developed and launched several initiatives with OEMs to transition their basis of competition from a product-base to a service-base.

Dr. Iyer is also the founder and immediate-past president of the In-Building Wireless Alliance, a cross-industry, non- profit aimed at accelerating the adoption of in-building wireless for the real estate and public safety communities.

Prior to joining PRTM, Dr. Iyer was a member of the scientific staff at Bell Northern Research and Nortel Networks.

He holds a Ph.D., MS in electrical and computer engineering and an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University. Dr. Iyer holds a BE degree in electrical and computer engineering from Carleton University.

Dr. Iyer is a member of the IEEE, Society for Photo-Optic Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE) and Sigma Xi. In 2007, he was voted one of the top 35 global wireless executives by Realcomm. He is also a type 2 diabetes patient and WellDoc end-user.

Bob Stanley, President & CEO of IO Informatics, Inc.

Bob Stanley co-founded IO Informatics in 2003 with Dr. Erich Gombocz. Bob shares his vision with the IO Informatics team — to deliver on the promise and realize the benefits of data integration, informatics and knowledge applications for Life Sciences and Healthcare.

Prior to founding IO Informatics, Bob was Chief Information Officer at Biosentients, where he designed informatics software for distributed research and data integration. Experience directing research at New York University’s Bruner / Feldman Cognitive Science Laboratory, as well as work at NYU’s Academic Computing Facility / Faculty Innovation Center provide additional background for his design of the Sentient informatics software. Other experience includes his time as Associate Scientist at Zeitgeist y2k01, Ltd., where Bob focused on project management and design for data management and informatics applications.

Bob received a graduate degree in Sociology of Knowledge (epistemology and ontology) from the University of Chicago and did postgraduate work focusing in ontologies, dynamic structures and networks at New York University. He is published and referenced in peer-reviewed journals, trade publications and texts and has chaired and presented at numerous conferences. Bob has active, granted and continuing information technology patents in the US and internationally. In addition to his academic and corporate experience, he has served as principal investigator and project manager for major projects, including the software technology development for a large, collaborative NIST bioinformatics project (NIST Advanced Technology Program). He is an elected and active member of several professional organizations, including Phi Beta Kappa, the American Association for Artificial Intelligence, the American Medical Informatics Association, and others.


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