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While Labor Day, the unofficial end of summer is still a couple of days off, most of America is back in school now meaning those lazy summer days are replaced with reading, writing and arithmetic (the three R’s?). Okay, some are also studying broadband communications, cryptic languages and cryptography (the three C’s, maybe).

Today’s show focuses on new technologies for the new school year. We’ll talk about how much of the educational process is going online – from researching topics in virtual libraries, completing homework “worksheets” on academic website, as well as actual teaching through interactive academic software.

We’ll also discuss all the new consumer electronics in the classroom – from Laptops to tablet PCs, from scientific calculators to iPods.

Are these changes for the better? If technology is going to play as large a role in future generations as we think it will, shouldn’t the next generation of world leaders become exposed to technology at an early age?

On the other hand, what about all the concerns that too much technology breed narcissism, hinders the development of social skills, and weakens our eyes because we’re stuck behind a computer all day.

One issue that really needs attention is all the cyberbullying taking place in schools now. If you thought schoolyard bullying was bad enough, its online version may really scare you – because, like everything else on the Internet, its available anywhere and at anytime. This means instead of just being bullied at lunch or recess in front of just a few people, you can be bullied 24/7 in front of the world and nowhere is safe.

How should schools deal with this? What can parents do to stop it, or at least empower our children to effectively counter this new threat? We’ll discuss this today with Davina Pruitt-Mentle, an expert in the field of educational technology and specifically in cyberbullying and cyberethics, and whom listeners will recall joined us on our inaugural show back in March.

Join us at 4PM Eastern as we discuss this topic. We’ll take your calls on this, or any tech topic, at 866-472-5790, your e-mails at, your tweets at /techtodayradio, your texts to 240-731-0756, and your wall posts on our Facebook fan page.

A word about our guest…

Dr. Davina Pruitt-Mentle

Davina Pruitt-Mentle is Director of Educational Technology Policy, Research and Outreach (ET-PRO) within the College of Education at the University of Maryland. She has extensive experience in the research, development, delivery and evaluation of educational media, including computer software, multimedia, distance learning, and educational technology policy. Her research and development interests focus on the role of distance learning in education, particularly cultivating the Internet as an environment in which to conduct professional development opportunities, and on cultural differences towards technology use. She has acted as consultant to a number of technology and education-related organizations. She has authored and presented at numerous national, regional and state conferences and teaches graduate courses to practicing educators on a wide range of technology related topics such as: integrating technology into curricula, cyberethics, technology tools for assessment and digital diversity.


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