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Three Presidents – A Discussion on Health IT

This week, as we sit down to Thanksgiving Dinner across the country, we are rebroadcasting one of my favorite episodes – a discussion on Health IT issues with presidents of three Health IT firms.

This episode also launched our series within Technology Today looking at The Health IT Spectrum. The series delves into technology’s role in improving the delivery of medical care while lowering costs. This, our inaugural episode, discusses the benefits of and infrastructure required to support Personalized Medicine. Dr. Anand Iyer, of WellDoc, Inc. joins to discuss a novel way to treat diabetes, one of the worst and most widespread disease we face today. Bob Stanley of IO-Informatics, a firm that merges clinical research & HIEs to enable a doctor to treat patients with the same condition differently depending on numerous individual factors. Bob will also bring to light one of the key components required to enable personalized medicine and achieve all of its benefits– A robust Health Information Exchange. Also joining us is Bikram Bakshi of QSSI who will look into the technical challenges and security and privacy issues involved with building and managing HIEs.

See our original blog post on this episode here:

Happy Thanksgiving!!


November 18, 2010 - Posted by | Episode Descriptions

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