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The 2011 Consumer Electronics Show has kicked off today in what they call a pre-CES press day.

New & innovative products do abound, even on this first day, as well as several products that are redesigned or tweaked. Among the new, it appears 3D TVs will make a big splash, as well as Internet TVs, tablets and home health monitoring devices. With the aging baby boomer population, this will be a growth area.

There are also a lot of accessories surrounding mobile power – devices that sit in-line with device wall chargers that can then serve as chargers when you’re away from the wall sockets. There is also a product on display at CES here that gets energy from our kinetic motion – from simply walking around, much like an automatic watch – and when our smart phones need energy, we can plug them in through a micro-USB connection. The device is cylindrical and looks like a piston. Interesting approach, and wonder if the roughtly $100 price point will work for such a device.

I enjoyed hearing Chris Preuss, President of OnStar announce that the service will be available on any model car through an OnStar-enabled rear view mirror that will be available at Best Buy. This will certainly open up growth potential for OnStar. I’m just not clear how this affects GM?

Tomorrow is the official CES Press Day and I can’t wait to see what news the day brings. More later….


January 4, 2011 - Posted by | Audience Communication

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