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Technology closing the gap between you & me and Peter Lik

At CES, Casio announced new cameras, technologies and services to help convert Digital photos (from Casio or anyone’s digital camera devices) into digital art through a Casio cloud-based service.

This is through something Casio is calling HDR Art Craft. HDR is essentially merging into a single photograph the look and feel of multiple different lighting exposures, this can have the affect of making all aspects of the picture as sharp and brilliant as the portion specifically in focus.

Virtual Painter is another (algorithm-based) mechanism Casio is announcing and making available to consumers over the web to transform digital photos into artwork. With Virtual Painter, your photo can look like an actual oil painting. Both these services will be available starting in February on the Casio Imaging Square – a social networking site for storing, displaying, sharing and viewing your’s and other’s photo-based art work.

Casio also is announcing new digital cameras that advance the capabilities of the amateur & enthusiast photographers or the everyday photographer. The newest camera, the Tryx, is dramatically redesigned with a flip & tripod features giving users multiple options in holding the camera itself which translates into facilitating many new shots. The Tryx, in tripod mode, has a motion sensor trigger activation. So you can all get lined up, and snap the photo with a snap of your fingers, if you wish. Motion activation is cool.

However, this announcement takes a back seat to the Casio’s offerings in digital art. Casio is making hte camera the new equivalent to a painters brush – you provide the vision, Casio provides the technology & walla, a new Peter Lil is born!

I do wonder what the real Peter Lik, and art galleries think about this? This kind of thing has to affect the market price of a master photographer’s work.


January 5, 2011 - Posted by | Audience Communication


  1. I do think anyone with a paint brush who likes to or wants to be a painter can be called a painter. There doesn’t have to be a talent qualification – and in any case, artistic beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    So, if technology can help amateurs, enthusiast produce superior products, or photos that look better in any way, and closer to the work of master photographers, like Peter Lik, then yes, I believe this can shake up the market in tremendous ways.

    For instance, how much of a premium can a Peter Lik charge if many people can now take pictures that look as good or close to as good?

    Comment by techtodayradio | January 13, 2011 | Reply

  2. Is anybody who has a brush called a “Painter”?
    Is anybody who owns a high technology camera called a “Photographer”?
    Is anydody who buys this special service will become a “New Peter Lik” and close the gap between you and me and Him?
    Personally I put a Very Big Question Mark there.

    Comment by chiungtandianaball | January 9, 2011 | Reply

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