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Universal Health Care or Individual Health Control?

A possible solution to America’s health care debate has been displayed at CES. Okay, that may be something of an overstatement given the depth of the problem, however, the collection of digital health products on display may really offer an a game-changing approach to managing our health. And this solution is born of technology.

The health IT industry is developing numerous devices that allow an individual to track their own health through a variety of vital stats and other body diagnostics readings – including heart rate, pulse, breathing, sleep quality, blood chemistry, calorie burn, daily distance walked, and other statistics as well. Other devices assist patients take their medication and in accordance with their doctor’s prescription.

These devices can make an individual aware of their own health and reduce their reliance on and use of the healthcare system.  Reducing the use of the healthcare system will certainly help overall healthcare costs will go down.

These devices take a different approach than the healthcare industry. The healthcare industry focuses on finding and treating an illness, rather than helping a healthy, individual achieve a certain health goal – most commonly weight loss. These devices, however, do just that. They are designed to help you track progress towards and achieve your own, personal health goal. What a novel concept!

Devises to personalize healthcare are by no means perfect and likely can’t provide any help if you do fall ill, but if they encourage you to be good to your health, won’t there be less chance that you will fall ill?

These devices, even without any government subsidy or insurance coverage, are affordable and targetted to the consumer market.

So, the solution to our health care problem may be to get everyone out of the picture, give all of us the ability to track whatever we want and whenever we want. And along with all the information on the Internet, we’ll just work on keeping ourselves healthy.

This might just work & I encourage the digital health community to keep up its work on these


January 8, 2011 - Posted by | Audience Communication

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