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Video Games lead to Depression and Poor Grades?

Its an ongoing and long debated question – do video games adversely impact kids social development? Studies abound suggesting they may lead to depression, poor academic performance, obesity and a pre-disposition to violent behavior. Other studies actually suggest they can help improve vision in adults.

Video games do represent an area of significant technological advancement as well as current research, both because consumer gaming is a mutli-billion dollar global market and because so much training, especially military training is performed through 3D virtual simulation programs, which are essentially video games.

New research again suggests a link between playing video games, especially in excess, and depression and poor grades. But, in many cases, that’s all kids want to play now and because the iPhone revolution, many adults play video games at all hours of the day as well.

We’d like to hear what you think, both for and against video games. Call in during Thursday’s show at 1-866-472-5790 and let us know if you think they are harmful and restrict your kids from playing, or if you enjoy video games and maybe play them with your kids.

We’re also interested in hearing from those who believe video games represent a critical area of research in artificial intelligence, computer visualization, and processing capabilities.

Talk with you soon…


January 19, 2011 - Posted by | Audience Communication, Episode Descriptions

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