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New Products and Video Games!

Today’s episode will be a busy one – tune in.

We all know that most new products actually fail and that for every iPad there are countless products that don’t make it and even more ideas that never reach the prototype stage. Bryan Plug, CEO of Accept Corporation joins the show to talk about the why so many new products fail, even when they are well-funded 7 to share his insights on what in a firm’s DNA indicates whether a product they launch will succeed or fail. We’ll also discuss how you can ensure you have the right DNA and that your new product launch will be successful.

Also on the agenda today is a discussion on whether video games are harmful for kids development or helpful. There has been quite a bit of research on both sides of this equation. Join us to help decide.

We are also going to talk about a new mobile app launched by VoiceAmerica, the network that carries our show. VoiceAmerica is launching mobile apps through iTunes, the Blackberry App Store and the Android Market that allow you to tune into Live and Podcasts of this show & other content anywhere and anytime you wish over your smart phone, iPad and anywhere.

This is great for us & we believe our listeners! We’ve certainly heard from listeners that they want more avenues to access our show. We’ll also ask Bryan if he thinks this product launch will succeed.

Join us!


January 20, 2011 - Posted by | Episode Descriptions

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