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Superbowl Preview

Its that time of year again, the crowning moment for American sports and global product marketing industries – Superbowl week.

Technology Today is not immune to this and is indeed swept up in terrible towel and cheesehead mania. This week, we’re going to talk about the big game and maybe even make a prediction.

Don’t worry, we’ll also talk about some cool new technologies that are related to sports – like advanced camera technology for taking pictures of live action. Michael Rubin of Casio will join us to talk about new camera technologies Casio is introducing and the Imaging Square social networking site they will launch in late February where users can store & share their photos, as well as use Casio technology to transform their photographs into digital art.

We’ll also talk about the industry that is perhaps the greatest beneficiary of, some would say the primary driver of, the growth of American sports and especially football – online wagering. Eric Stone, founder of Poker Buddies will join us to tell us about this newly launched Texas Hold-em site as well as the future of online and mobile wagering.

Join us this Thursday at 4pm Eastern on Business.VoiceAmerica.Com!


February 2, 2011 - Posted by | Episode Descriptions

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