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Personal Health & Mental Health both going Digital?

We’re all Heart & Mind this week on Technology Today and for our monthly Health IT episode, we discuss new technology for managing both our individual heart rates as well as new tools for identifying suicidal mass murderers, such as Jared Loughner and Virginia Tech’s Cho Seung-Hui – prior to their killing spree. 

February is Heart Month and we will talk with Catherine Calarco of Heart Math who not only builds a device to help you track your heart rate, but also teaches techniques to maintain your heart rate in the healthy, normal range. Digital Yoga, if you will.

Catherine Calarco

Also, we will speak with Mr. William Birnes regarding techniques he has identified based on his research into both the Tuscon and Virginia Tech shootings on means to identifying early on, treating and preventing such incidents.

William J. Birnes

Mr. Birnes has identified how technology, including social networking and the Internet in general, has changed how these individuals spread their message, and has also determined ways local medical facilities and the military can use technology to identify potentially dangerous individuals. So, do we as a society start using these techniques to prevent the next serial killing or must we first discuss how to balance the capability these tools give us against our basic 4th Amendment rights to privacy?

Join us this Thursday at 4pm Eastern to discuss these important topics.


February 19, 2011 - Posted by | Episode Descriptions

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