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Health IT week goes BioTech

This is Health IT week on Technology Today and we turn our attention to the promise biotechnology holds for vastly improving human health – and in ways that are right out of science fiction. Genetic engineering, human cloning, stopping & reversing the aging process, hyper-stimulating certain traits and skills to build super athletes or child prodigies…the potential seems limited only by our imagination.

Dr. Reinhard Ebner, a Geonomics Research Scientist at the NIH and Vice President of Biology at Destiny Life Sciences, and holder of over 44 issued US patents, joins us to tell us how much of this is achievable and how much truly is fantasy.

Dr. Kenneth C. Carter, who directed the gene mapping initiative at Human Genome Sciences, Inc. where he played a role in the discovery, cloning, and chromosomal mapping of dozens of novel human genes and is now President and CEO of Noble Life Sciences, Inc. will share with us the legal issues surrounding the growth of the biotech industry.

Also, we’ve gotten lots of questions from listeners, and I certainly share them, concerning the apparent high rate & magnitude of Earthquakes around the globe. Many have asked and wonder if they suggest anything more than normal geological events. We’ll ask Dr. Cliff Thurber, a Seismology at the University of Wisconsin, Madison whose looked into current earthquake trends around the globe. You won’t want to miss what he tells us.

Join us Today, Thursday, March 31st at 4pm Eastern.


March 31, 2011 - Posted by | Episode Descriptions

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  1. As always, tune into Technology Today on Thursday at 4pm Eastern on the VoiceAmerica Business network.

    And join the discussion on Twitter at @techtodayradio, by text to 240-731-0756, by e-mail to or by wall post on our facebook Fan Page.

    Or call us at 866-472-5790 with your BioTech or Earthquake questions.

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