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SEO: The Myth & The Magic

We’ve got a lot to talk about this week. First, we follow up last week’s discussion where Dr. Peter Groeneveld revealed many instances where technology contributes to the rise in health care costs. We’ll be joined by Mr. Arumani Manisundaram, Director of Connected Health at Adventist HealthCare, who is heavily involved in Adventist’s efforts at deploying EHR systems throughout its network. Mr. Manisundaram will argue that information technology can not only lead to cost reductions but also improve the quality of care.

We’ll also talk about when its safe to resume business operations after suffering a virus infection. I’ve recently posted an article on this topic on InformIT.Com.

Finally, we talk about Search Engine Optimization. What is it, what’s the technology behind it and how can it actually help you?

To help us look into this, we’ll be rejoined by Robyn Sachs, CEO of the marketing and public relations firm RMR & Associates and author of Market to the Max, who will tell us the secrets behind SEO, as its known in the field, based on her experience doing this work for numerous clients. We’ll take calls from the audience on how to put SEO to work for you.

Listen Here this Thursday at 4pm Eastern and Call-in to 866-472-5790 with your comments & questions on any of the above issues & other tech topics of interest to you.


May 3, 2011 - Posted by | Episode Descriptions

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