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What Do We Do About Health Care Costs?

For the past couple of weeks, we’ve been talking on the show about the impact of technology on health care costs and its become clear that medical technologies (e.g., diagnostic scanning equipment, artificial limbs) are contributing to the rise in costs.

Its becoming clear that information technology (electronic health records, health information exchanges) will be expensive to implement but, if done right, as Mr. Arumani Manisundaram of Adventist Healthcare pointed out on the May 5th episode of Technology Today, can achieve cost savings even considering the implementation effort. Mr. Manisundaram suggested that Adventist is going to announce in the near future the results of an internal study they claim also suggests that Health IT (as information technology dedicated for the medical sector is commonly called) can improve patient outcomes and the overall quality of care as well.

Mr. Manisundaram, who is the Director of Connected Health at Adventist, did also say, however, that Health IT related savings will not be strong enough to curb the overall growth in health care costs and that other efforts, such as litigation reform, will be required to truly address the issue. To be fair, Mr. Manisundaram also mentioned that we need to do something to stem the rise in costs of medical technologies and this is something that we will look into on future Health IT episodes.

In the meantime, please offer your suggestions for means of decreasing health care costs:


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