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Comparing Health IT Practices on Both Sides of the Pond (guest blog)

The United States is facing a monumental task in transforming its health processes. The desire to create meaningful use of health data, to empower providers, physicians, and others to make better decisions, provide better care, lower costs, and provide cutting edge health delivery is a goal that will take years to achieve. The largest challenges are patient privacy and trust in security, interoperability, lack of standards, and costs associated for doctors, hospitals and others to implement and adopt required solutions to facilitate these lofty goals. Our firm, everis global, has provided health IT solutions across erurope and has proven methodologies in addressing such challenges.

Everis has successfully supported other governments and providers in the Health IT space and believes the largest differences between Europe and the US is the scale of the US in size and the fact that the US does not have a single payer system. Another unique factors is that each of the 50 US states manages healthcare uniquely.

Technology, when and if used properly, can be an essential component (along with people) to achieve the goals of meaningful use, integrated electronic health records (EHRs), state-wide and nation-wide data exchange networks, and more advanced, better delivery of care in a cost effective, efficient and secure manner, and of course how everis can also support the US by leveraging of experience in improving healthcare delivery in Europe and abroad. To achieve the goals defined, requires a collective effort of us all as Americans.

Hans Agarwal
Practice Leader, Everis


June 28, 2011 - Posted by | Audience Communication

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