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Do Colleges need to become more Tech Savvy to Restore the Luster of the Bachelor’s Degree?

It doesn’t appear to be a good time for the education sector, as many both within and outside of education, debate the value of a 4-year college degree at a time when its costs are skyrocketing and it takes on average, 5 years to complete.

A few weeks ago, we looked at how technology can help improve the K-12 space and this week, we look at higher education. Our guest, Stephen diFilipo, Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Cecil College will help us understand how the rapid pace of technology innovation is forcing changes in higher education. Changes our colleges and universities must be ready and willing to accept to restore people’s confidence in a Bachelor’s degree – or slide further into irrelevancy.

If you are in or are sending kids to College now or soon, you will want to catch this episode. Join Us!

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