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The Risks of Marrying IT and Health

The Health care industrying is becoming technical and there is no stopping it. Whether for the cost savings or to better track clinical outcomes, HealthIT is happening.

This week, at a special time, Friday, July 29th at 2:00PM, we look at the unique risks the medical industry faces as they enter the digital age. Among these risks include:

  • The need to secure health records that are now electronic;
  • secure access to operating room equipment and Hospital SCADA equipment that are now Internet accessible; and
  • The need to ensure electronic files don’t walk away from hospitals through old and retired equipment.

We’ll also look at solutions for mitigating and protecting against these risks.

Join us this Friday, July 29th at 2pm for our HealthIT episode of Technology Today.

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July 27, 2011 - Posted by | Episode Descriptions

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