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RFID – Tracking the Supply Chain

This Tuesday on Technology Today, we discuss RFID and how this tech is changing the way supply chains are managed.

RFIDs are ID tags that emit signals over radio frequency and can be embedded onto physical items and/or shipping containers to track items as they move through a supply chain from their source as a raw material through production and, often, all the way to the end consumer. Supply Chains are big business. Every product that is made and consumed anywhere in the world is, essentially, the product of and the final result of a supply chain. Without a supply chain, we couldn’t eat a burger at McDonalds, buy a car, watch an NFL football game or ride a roller coaster at the amusement park.

Join us as we Welcome Jay Steinmetz, CEO of Barcoding, Inc into this discussion. Jay Steinmetz Headshot 2013-08 b

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