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Apple bringing Biometrics to the Masses!

Apple has received a lot of attention and press recently for their new OS, iOS 7, and their two new iPhones – the 5c and the 5s. And they are saying they’ve sold over 9 million of the new phones on the first weekend of sales.

One feature of the new phone that hasn’t received as much discussion as may be deserved is the fingerprint biometric feature. That’s the kind of tech we like to discuss at Technology Today and we’ll do that this Wednesday at 6pm EST.

Security is an ever-growing concern and the 4-digit passcode approach to unlocking a phone often is more of an annoyance than a deterrent. Perhaps a finger tap approach, which we are used to anyway from opening apps, will do better?

Some say that this is a potential slippery slope, that once we become accustomed to using our fingers, retina scanners, face scanners, voice print security measure and other, possibly more intrusive biometric approaches will become the norm.

GinoPereiraWe’ll discuss the pros and cons and take a deeper look at biometric tech. Gino Pereira, CEO of NXT-ID, is a recognized expert in the technology space building start-ups across the world. His current business, NXT-ID, is active in fingerprint biometrics with special application in mobile payment security.

Join us! This Wednesday at 6pm on Technology Today.

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