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The Wounded Warrior Cyber Combat Academy

News reports abound on the shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals and the potential consequences this can have for the security of the US and our way of life.

WWPThe Wounded Warrior Cyber Combat Academy is a unique approach to addressing this issue.  This effort recruits returning war-injured veterans and trains them on IT security skills so they can join the workforce and help defend the US from cyber-attack. 

Join us on Tuesday, October 8th at 6:00pm EST as we welcome Mr. Jim Wiggins, Executive Director of the Federal IT Security Institute and leader of the Wounded Warrior Cyber Combat Academy (W2CCA) to learn about this effort and how it benefits our returning soldiers by providing them employable skills, our economy by creating a pool of a skilled workers to fill US-based jobs, and our nation by increasing the ranks of cyber defenders. 

Join us! This Tuesday at 6pm EST on Technology Today. Listeners are invited to send in their thoughts by email, texts to 240-731-0756, facebook, our blog, our show page and on Twitter. You can also call us Live on Air at 646-652-4385.

Technology Today airs on Live on the BlogTalkRadio network – the Online home for Internet Radio!. Join us Live Here.


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