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Video Games a Driver of New Tech

Many believe that video games are the bane of the modern day existence. That they are nothing more than a means to dull the brain with no productive outcome.

Well, those who hold this opinion may be surprised to know that video games and gaming in general are drivers of great technological advancement in a variety of fields – from the computer graphics that display the games, to artificial intelligence that run the games & play as the “computer”, to personal computing computational power that handle the advanced graphics and AI on ever smaller form factors from desktops to laptops to tablets and even to phones. There are even more subtle advances that most people don’t think about such as human-user interaction. We’ve come a long way from the keyboard and mouse.

Video games and the game consoles on which they are played are big business, with popular video games commonly selling over a million copies.

This is a topic we need to discuss. And we’ll do that on Technology Today Tuesday, December 3rd at 6pm EST. We’ll discuss the tech behind video games. Compare the new PlayStation 4 with the Xbox 1. We’ll also discuss SteamOS and its role as a competitor to Microsoft as an operating system for gaming.

Join us. Live at on Tuesday, December 3rd at 6pm EST.


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