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Technology TodayInnovations in business and personal technology are occurring faster than we can comprehend or keep up with. Learning about, and then assimilating, all the advances that may have an impact upon our daily lives could easily become a full-time job that few of us have time for.

Technology Today Radio with Ajay Gupta airs on BlogTalkRadio and takes the effort out of learning what’s new, what makes sense in your world, and how to leverage it all for business and personal benefit. Technology Today is premised upon the fundamental belief that technology is here to improve our lives and solve the problems of the world.

Each week, Ajay and his guests explore a variety of timely topics, relevant issues, emerging trends and public policies to help put the power of technology in your hands. Topics will range from green and clean tech to health care and cyber security.

Ajay interviews CEOs, government officials, leading scientists, researchers and engineers as well as the people responsible for creating and deploying the technology that works to better our lives and our future. We also invite you to call in, e-mail, or text Ajay with questions or comments for our guests.

Your suggestions on future topics and/or guests that you would like to hear featured on the program are most welcome. Connect with Technology Today via Facebook, Twitter (@techtodayradio) or via email.

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