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Mobile Apps from AARP?

When you think of AARP, is mobile apps what comes to mind? AARP is known for providing discounts to is members, providing branded insurance products, and lobbying on behalf of Social Security and Medicare. But recently, this same non-profit has released two mobile apps – targeting the Caregiver community.

A caregiver is a term for anyone who helps or provides care to another individual, often a parent or spouse, in handling their daily activities. The caregiver can be paid, such as a nurse, but is more often an unpaid relative. And the person receiving care is often suffering an impairment, and/or dealing with health issues.

AARP_CG_app_1_300x250These two apps released by AARP on the Apple iOS and Android platforms provide features and support that are designed to help in providing care. For instance, the apps help manage medications, keep a schedule of doctor’s appointments and other medical needs, and create and maintain notes you want to share with the doctor. But will this work? Does this actually help someone take care of a loved one? Are these features unique? Or are they really the features that a Caregiver needs?

On May 28th, at a special 11am EST/8am Pacific time, we will be joined by Trisha San Diego of AARP, who is the driving force behind the creation and release of these Apps, and we’ll ask her these questions.

AARP_Tag_PMSWe’ll also ask why the non-profit is moving into mobile apps. What these apps do and how they help AARP’s members and other caregivers. We’ll also ask if this is a sign of things to come from AARP?

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